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17th Feb 2023

Ireland’s Kathryn Dane reveals she suffered brain haemorrhage during training

Kat O'Connor

“For now, I will be Ireland’s biggest fan”

Ireland rugby player Kathryn Dane suffered a brain haemorrhage during a training session three months ago.

The Enniskillen native confirmed the news in a statement on Twitter. Kathryn Dane explained that she suddenly fell ill in training.

She told her followers;

“Three months ago I suffered a brain haemorrhage at Ireland training.

“Luckily the IRFU medical team was close at hand to respond immediately and get me the care I needed.

“Thank you to the IRFU, Connolly and Beaumont Hospitals, Rugby Players Ireland, and my family and friends for the love and support.

“I hope to make a full recovery and return to work and rugby, but it will take some time. For now, I will be Ireland’s biggest fan.”

Dane was cared for by the men’s international medical team before she was transferred to hospital.

The scrum-half will be on indefinite leave until she fully recovers.

Dane does not know when she will return to rugby but will continue supporting her team.

Her recovery is now her top priority.

Irish Rugby responded to Dane’s statement with some encouraging words of support.

“We’re all behind you as you make your way back to full health, Kathryn Dane. We hope to see you back in a green jersey again soon!”

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