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30th Apr 2019

QUIZ: Can you name everyone Arya Stark has killed in Game of Thrones

Wayne Farry

She is not to be fucked with

Arya Stark is one of the most badass characters – not only in Game of Thrones history – but television and film history.

From the moment we first saw her in Season 1, she hasn’t given a fuck about anything. Particularly after the death of her – SPOILER ALERT – father, Ned Stark, she has been on a mission to become the most lethal assassin in Westeros.

After successfully taking out the Night King at the end of the Battle of Winterfell, she can now safely call herself exactly that.

She killed death, essentially, and there’s not much better than that to be honest.

But this death has got us thinking about everyone else she has killed, all the moments that led up to this one.

So we have created this quiz to ask you just that. A caveat for you all, this is only the characters that had actual names, so we’re not expecting you to guess ‘Unnamed Guard #1’ or anything stupid like that.