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15th Oct 2018

QUIZ: How well do you remember these classic scary movies?

Anna Daly

scary movies

Brought to you by Fanta. 

You have to do a movie marathon of all the ones you get wrong.

Halloween is almost here and we’re SO excited. We LOVE picking out our Halloween costumes and getting properly kitted out for the day. And it’s so fun seeing what everyone else has dressed up as. Double points when it’s a character from one of our fav scary movies.

One of the best parts of Halloween is actually WATCHING the scary movies that people draw their inspiration from. It’s not Halloween unless you have a scary movie night with the friends. Get everyone ’round, pop some popcorn, dim the lights, turn the volume up loud, and get ready to scream.

In case you haven’t decided what movies to watch this year, or if you’re drawing a blank on who to dress up as, we’ve put together a little quiz with all of our favourite classic Halloween movies.

There’s a mix between some real Halloween classics and a few of the best childhood classics – we don’t want you getting too scared.

Take a whack at these q’s and see just how much of a Halloween fan you are.

Brought to you by Fanta.

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