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04th Jun 2021

Woman tells Joe Duffy of second degree face burns after YouTube poached egg hack

Ellen Fitzpatrick

The burns left her needing to go to the hospital.

A woman has revealed that a simple poached egg hack she found on YouTube left her with second-degree burns.

Speaking to Joe Duffy on Liveline, the caller explained that despite doing the easy hack many times before, she still ended up with burns on her face.

The popular hack consisted of cracking an egg in a cup of water and microwaving it for 60 seconds, something she’d done countless times before the accident.

The caller said: “I had done it quite successfully a lot of times, and it’s a very convenient way of doing it, but this day I must have left it on a bit too long.”

“When I took it out, it exploded in my face. Every drop of water in that cup hit my face, and I got second-degree burns. It was horrific now the pain of it.”

“Now, none of the egg went on my face or the cup. I dropped that to the floor, and I screamed with the pain.”

The woman believes that she may have taken it out at the wrong point, thinking that it could have exploded in the microwave instead had she left it to sit a little longer.

Thankfully, her husband was in the room when it happened and could act quickly, grabbing a basin of cold water to help ease the pain.

She added: “Luckily, my husband John was right beside me, but he got an awful shock, but I told him to fill a bowl with cold water and put it into the wash hand basin.”

“I had to put my face down into it. I couldn’t take my face out with the pain, and I was there for about an hour and a quarter with my head stuck in the water because it was the only way it would ease the pain.”

After ringing the doctor and being advised to go to the hospital, the caller was nervous due to the high amount of Covid cases at the time.

She waited an hour to see if it eased up a bit but eventually headed to the hospital due to an infection that might occur under the damage.

She said: “As it turns out, I had to go to the hospital a week later because of cellulitis, which is an infection that gets in under the skin.”

The caller reassured Joe that she was doing well now, seeing a dermatologist and her skin is healing, but wanted to warn others of the dangers of the hack as the video is still up on YouTube.