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13th Mar 2023

Will and Casey row over Jessie on last night’s Aftersun episode

Clodagh McKeon

Will called Casey “a snake” after his comments about Jessie..

Love Island has given us quite a lot of drama the past eight weeks but last night’s Aftersun episode was next level.

Will and Jessie were dumped from the villa last night leaving Tom and Samie, Tanya and Shaq, Kai and Sanam and Ron and Lana as this year’s finalists.

This year the boys have been exceptionally close with Will, Tom and Casey being the main three besties on the show.

However, after last night, the bromance between Casey and Will is definitely strained.

A row broke out between the two after Maya Jama played a clip from their time in the villa showing Casey expressing his true feelings about Jessie.

Casey told bombshell Maxwell Samuda that he thought Jessie was putting on “an act”.

When Will had originally confronted Casey about the conversation in the villa, Casey had insisted he thought Jessie was “genuine” and blamed the chat on Maxwell.

Not good.

After the clip was played, Will was not impressed and called Casey “a snake” and looked pretty annoyed.

In the clip from the villa, Casey was heard telling Maxwell: “The more I’m seeing of Jessie, the more I think she’s playing a game.

“Honestly, it was one of the most strange interactions, the way she was speaking to me, it seemed like such an act.”

In another clip showing Casey and Will’s chat after that, Will asked Casey if he thought Jessie was genuine.

Casey answered: “Yeah, I think she is.”

It was an awkward TV moment for sure and Maya Jama seemed very taken aback from the interaction.

Will this be the end of the bromance between Will and Casey? We hope not..

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