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18th Jul 2022

Public warned to be cautious around water after three people die in Ireland

Kat O'Connor

“Let’s not make it a fourth family”

The public has been urged to be extremely cautious around water following the deaths of three people in Ireland.

Within the space of a week, three people tragically died in water-related incidents.

The deceased include a 14-year-old boy who sadly died after getting into difficulty at Burrow Beach.

On Wednesday, a man in his 40s also died in a drowning accident in Co. Clare.

Another man, aged in his 60s, died in a Co. Laois lake later in the week.

Minister Eamon Ryan has pleaded with the public to be as careful as possible.

Drownings are becoming more common, but he said it doesn’t make them any less tragic.

“It happens every time, it’s so predictable but so tragic for every family.”

“Let’s not make it a fourth family, destroyed, ruined, in this good weather.”

He told The Irish Mirror that people must be vigilant if they go swimming during the heatwave.

“Be careful, don’t go into waters that you don’t know how safe they are, stay close to the shore, look after each other.

He added, “We don’t want another tragic loss.”

Water Safety Ireland has warned the public to make sure you’re properly equipped when swimming.

You should also get to know where you are swimming and check the condition of the water before entering it.

Always ensure someone knows where you are and tell them how long you plan on swimming for.

For more water safety tips, visit here.