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08th Oct 2017

Viewers spotted something very odd about last night’s Irish Lottery draw

Are our eyes playing tricks on us?

Do our eyes deceive us?

The Irish lottery draw on the evening of Saturday 7 October was for a jackpot of nearly €5 million, but it wasn’t won by anyone.

The numbers that were drawn were 9, 16, 25, 31, 38 and 43, and the bonus number was 13.

Three people did win the Match 5 + Bonus, and won an amount of nearly €80,000, but viewers watching the draw live on the night spotted something a bit odd when one of the numbers were pulled.

JOE reader Marian Cummins sent in this photo:

And another reader, Michael Larkin, sent in this one:

It does appear to show the number 38 ball actually has another number on it, the number 33.

Some of these images did first appear on Facebook in a post that has since been deleted, and the comments underneath claimed that it was merely a reflection of the studio lights on the ball causing an 8 to appear as a 3.

What do you reckon? Trick of the light?

Maybe just a faded number on one side of the ball?

Or an all-out conspiracy to stop us from becoming the millionaires we rightly deserve to be???

Answers on a postcard.