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27th Jan 2021

Vicky Phelan shares positive update as she undergoes treatment in US

Fantastic news.

Vicky Phelan has become the voice of Irish women over the last few years as she tirelessly fights for the rights of those effected by the CervicalCheck scandal.

Phelan, who was diagnosed with cervical cancer in2014 after receiving the false negative results, is currently in the United States receiving treatment.

The 47-year-old mother recently shared a Tweet telling all of her followers that she is doing well since arriving in America.

Phelan wrote that she had just finished her first dose of my new treatment and is so very grateful that she found this trial and took the gamble.

She also uploaded a short video where she revealed that she shares the same hospital as someone rather famous;

“Something really interesting happened here actually. In the next couple of minutes Vice President Kamala Harris is actually going to be here having her second dose of the coronavirus vaccine so that’s live on Twitter so I’m going to watch that here.

Pity that it’s in another part of the building.

That’s quite something to have day one of my new treatment on the same day as Vice President Kamala Harris being here getting her vaccine so I take that as a good sign.”

Since posting an update on her treatment Phelan has received hundreds of responses of support.

Phelan’s cancer was found to be becoming more aggressive last October as a new tumour in one of her lungs had developed.

Last week she was tested to see if she would be suitable for this new type of cancer treatment and was deemed a suitable candidate.