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06th Mar 2018

TV presenter shuts down caller who keeps calling her ‘love’

The hero we all need.

As a woman in the public eye, and especially in sport, Lynsey Hipgrave is no stranger to verbal abuse.

The TalkSPORT UK reporter has been vocal about the near-constant objectification she experiences from some audience members and is never afraid to call out inappropriate behaviour on and off the air.

Unfortunately, Lynsey was forced to do just that again this week when one listener was being disrespectful.

After repeatedly being called “love” and “darling”, Lynsey decided to end the conversation and won the internet in the process.

Yes, the presenter was having absolute NONE of their shit and while she received the usual amount of backlash from some narrow-minded audience members, the clip ultimately received huge praise.

Lynsey later addressed those who didn’t seem to approve of her decision to end the call, reminding them that “sometimes it’s not what you say, it’s the way that you say it”.