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20th Apr 2016

Toyota are no longer allowed use ‘The Best Built Cars In The World’ in their adverts

Ellen Tannam

One of Ireland’s most recognisable advertising slogans can no longer be used following a ruling by the Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland.

The complaint about the tagline was made by a Dublin-based advertising agency Owens DDB on behalf of their client, Volkswagen.

The phrase in question is ‘The best-built cars in the world.’

Although the complaint by Owens DDB was withdrawn, the ASAI still think that the phrase is too much of a sweeping statement for the brand to use. Experts appointed by the ASAI have said they can use the term ‘the best built mass-produced cars in the world.’

The advertisement that was complained about involved a dialogue between two people, one of which had traded in their Volkswagen Golf for a Toyota Auris.

CEO of Toyota Ireland Steve Tormey has said he is ‘bemused’ at the decision of the ASAI.

The new phrase certainly doesn’t have the same ring to it.