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03rd Oct 2019

Tonight’s episode of The Rotunda will have you in tears

Becoming parents is an overwhelming experience for all couples.

But to some, the journey to parenthood is not quite as straightforward as it is to most couples.

In tomorrow’s episode of The Rotunda, we meet former international athlete Mary, who is preparing to deliver her first baby having postponed cancer treatment until her little one’s safe arrival.

A tough watch, Mary’s story is sure to touch many viewers.

Meanwhile, in the Foetal Assessment department, couple Ciara and Mick must come to terms with the heartbreaking news that one of their unborn twins will not survive after birth.

Episode four of The Rotunda also sees us getting to meet Ecaterina, who is rushed into Delivery as her fifth child is in a hurry to make an appearance, and parents-to-be Monique and Adriano from Brazil, who are greeted upon their arrival at the delivery ward by male midwife Nick.

The Rotunda is the busiest maternity hospital in Europe, and fans of the first round of the show expressed their delight at the series returning to RTE2 this autumn with eight more episodes about the dedicated team of doctors and midwives working at the hospital.

The Rotunda goes behind the scenes at the world’s longest-running maternity hospital where over one million Dubliners have been born and some 24 new babies are added to that number every day.
This week’s episode airs on RTÉ2 Thursday night at 9.35pm