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15th Jul 2018

This was Meghan and Harry’s favourite gift from their Irish visit

Rebecca O'Keeffe

meghan and harry


Okay, so I’m still shook about the fact that, for a time, I breathed the same air as Harry and Meghan.

Call me sad or dramatic if you want, but I just LOVE this gorge royal pair.

They just seem so genuine, and in love!

Anyway, they came to Ireland last week, and seemed to have a lovely time.

The best part of their visit? The gift they received from a young Irish artist.

While the royal couple strolled through Trinity College, they met 19-year-old Chloe Mullins.

Chloe, who is an incredible artist, gave Meghan and Harry a drawing – and they were mega impressed.

She gave them a sketch of the couple’s official engagement pictures, and wow.

Chloe spoke to the Irish Examiner about her run in with royalty:

“Harry said ‘You’ve given me more hair’. He saw it and was like, ‘Wow’. Meghan came over and he said ‘Look at this, what do you think of it?’ She said wow too and thanked me for it.”

Chloe also took to her own social media to talk about the meeting (obviously).

“Still not over meeting them… couldn’t ask for a better compliment than Meghan saying my drawing ‘looked like a photo’ and was ‘so special’. Great day!”

I personally like to think they’ll have the drawing up on their mantelpiece at home.

How cool is that?