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07th Sep 2018

This exclusive event at EP raised a HUGE amount of money for these charities

Louise Carroll

Brought to you by Tesco Ireland. 

Hurrah to all those who helped make it happen!

Amazing stuff people. If you were at Electric Picnic, waltzing around Stradbally, you likely came across the finest Banquet you’re eyes have ever seen. Delicious foodie scents were wafting all around and the most delectable looking dishes were whipped up by top chefs Derry Clarke and Clodagh McKenna.

Those who attended the mega Banquet helped raise a massive €30,500 under that very roof! Even better – it’s all going to Temple Street Children’s Hospital and Pieta House. (YAY!)

Temple Street Children’s Hospital cares for around 145,000 of Ireland’s sick children each year. That’s a whole lot of little ones that desperately need all the extra care and attention we can help give them. Pieta House, the folks behind the phenomenal Darkness into Light campaign, have so far helped over 30,000 people suffering with suicidal distress or self-harm. It’s a major issue that has grasped friends and family of so many.

Basically, they’re two organisations that we can all be thrilled will receive money to help those in need and currently suffering. After all, every little helps. So a BIG congratulations and BRAVO to all those who gobbled up that stunning eight-course meal within Tesco’s Banquet.

Brought to you by Tesco Ireland.