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20th May 2016

There’s only one county in Ireland that hasn’t registered any same-sex marriages

There have been over 400 since the referendum was passed last year

It is almost a year since the day the Irish electorate voted to give same-sex couples the right to equal civil marriage under the law.

1,201,607 people voted yes, while 734,300 voted against the prospect of marriage equality.

May 23rd was the day results were announced, with the new law being put into place in November 2015.

The Department of Social Protection has today released figures detailing the amount of same-sex weddings that have taken place since the referendum was passed.

There has been a total of 412 same-sex marriages since the referendum was ratified.

Since 1.2 million Irish citizens voted in favour of same-sex marriage, the majority of the weddings (213 to be exact) have been in

The only area with a resounding No vote was Roscommon/South Leitrim, while Dublin saw record highs in most of the areas.

There were 43 in Cork, 25 in Limerick, 17 in Wicklow and Galway saw 14 couples marry.

The only country that didn’t register a same-sex wedding was Co. Clare, with local authorities having yet to even receive a notification of an upcoming wedding taking place.