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26th May 2016

There’s a way to download your entire Facebook history & view all your past online mistakes

Where there's a will there's a way...

This is GRIM.

No one is safe from their previous antics on the internet. NO ONE.

Following the unfortunate demise of our beloved Bebo, ex-members were able to download their photos from the site and CRINGE about every life decision they made online. Now you can do the same with Facebook.

Some people following these steps may have a nice nostalgic trip down memory lane and others may horrify themselves looking at previous photos and basic statuses. Either way, it’s a giggle.

To download your Facebook archive (do so at your own peril) you can start by logging onto Facebook on a desktop, then:

  1. Finding your data on Facebook
    1.2In your account settings menu, you can click the ‘Download a copy’ button which is down the very bottom.


2. Downloading your archive
3.2When you click this button, Facebook will e-mail you with your archive, in the form of a .zip file which you must download.

Mine took about an hour to arrive (EEK).


3. Open the file
4.2The .zip will open to reveal handy little HTML webpages, including all the little components that make a Facebook page – friends, photos, messages etc.


4. Start with ‘index.htm’
5.2The index will open with all your important information, including your registration date, family, education and employers.


5. Browse your old photos, status’, removed friends etc… but be prepared to CRINGE YOUR FACE OFF

N.B. Don’t spend your weekend creeping on your old self… It’s just not worth it.

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