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13th Jun 2022

Temperatures to hit up to 26 degrees in Ireland as UK braces itself for hottest weather in 40 years

Danny Jones

Feeling hot, hot, hot.

Temperatures in Ireland will reach highs of up to 26 degrees this week as the hot weather currently baking parts of Europe makes it way further north.

Met Éireann has forecast that the mercury could hit highs of 26 degrees in Leinster and Munster on Friday in a week where there will be plenty of dry and sunny weather mixed in with patchy rain at times.

The warmest weather is set to be experienced in the east and south of the country, with temperatures as high as 21 degrees on Wednesday, 22 degrees on Thursday, 26 degrees on Friday and back down to around 21 degrees over the weekend.

While it will get slightly warmer over here, it looks like it’s going to be positively sizzling across the pond, with the UK set to experience some of its hottest temperatures in 40 years.

While the likes of Spain, Portugal and other parts of Europe are already baking in temperatures of up to 40C, the British summer is set to give the Mediterranean climate a run for its money, with reports of “record-breaking” levels in just a matter of days.

Having learned of the impending North Africa heatwave earlier this week, temperatures in low 30s had been expected but according to the latest data, the heatwave is now apparently going to result in temperatures as high 35C and 36C, as per the Daily Express. Crikey.

Speaking to the outlet, Met Office forecaster Simon Partridge said that the likes of Kent, Sussex, Surrey, London and much of the southeast of England are all set to be hit with the scorching heat, but there is also a high chance that most of the UK will be met sunny and dry conditions by next week.

The last time the thermometers hit these levels in the UK was in the summer of 1976, with a heatwave that lasted from 23 June to 7 July and a drought resulting in hose pipe bans to conserve water stores. While nothing is guaranteed, it is thought this impending blast of sun could match or possibly even surpass those levels.

Citing the highs of 35-36C in the southeast, the Netweather forecast noted: “For comparison, the UK record temperature for June is 35.6C, set in Southampton on 28 June 1976 during a famous hot spell.”

Sun cream and barbeques at the ready.