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27th Feb 2017

Storm Ewan leaves Ryanair passengers vomiting in fear

Niamh Maher

Things got pretty hairy.

Passengers were left terrified after a Ryanair flight from Madrid to Dublin had to divert to Shannon.

Severe turbulence due to Storm Ewan hit the Boeing 737 towards the end of its journey and many passengers were in a distressed state and vomiting when the plane performed a routine go-around.

After the crew had been advised it would be the sixth aircraft in a queue to land, they opted to divert to Shannon instead.

When the plane landed at Shannon, passengers were told they would not be allowed off for up to six hours.

20 to 25 passengers refused to stay on the flight after the ordeal.

In a statement, Ryanair apologised to all customers affected saying the adverse weather conditions were completely beyond their control;

“This flight from Madrid to Dublin (26 Feb) diverted to Shannon due to high winds at Dublin Airport. The aircraft landed normally and a number of customers requested to disembark and did so, before the aircraft was cleared to depart to Dublin. Ryanair apologised to all customers affected by this weather diversion, which was entirely beyond our control.”