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20th Feb 2024

Over half of Ireland’s domestic violence refuges are full

Kat O'Connor

Spaces for people escaping domestic violence are low

There are major concerns about the limited number of domestic violence refuges in Ireland.

A new report by The Journal unveiled the concerningly low number of places available nationwide, with 14 spaces confirming they’re completely full.

These refuges offer women and children a safe place to go after suffering from domestic violence, but what are they supposed to do when space runs out?

No victim should feel like they have nowhere to turn to, but this will eventually become a reality if the country no longer has any space left in their refuges.

With over half of the domestic violence refuges in Ireland full, where are these victims supposed to turn to in their darkest hour?

Women and children are being forced to stay in crisis accommodation for months because there are no other options.

Victims of domestic violence are offered short-term accommodation. Those who require safety will be given a safe place to live with a bedroom, washing facilities, and a kitchenette.

There is also a shared communal space in the refuge space.

There will also be a support network for victims to use in their time of need.

Victims can access support services, including counseling, safety planning, and court accompaniment services during their time in the refuge space.

What can we do to support victims of domestic violence?

There is so much we can do to help support victims of domestic violence, but one of the best things is to donate to Safe Ireland.

Whether that’s a once-off donation, a community fundraiser, or a monthly donation, there is so much you can do to support.

Safe Ireland vows to support children, girls, and women who are victims of domestic violence in Ireland.

You can support local services by donating directly to them. You can find your nearest refuge place here.

Ireland has 37 domestic abuse services across the country that you can help support.

To learn more, you can visit the Safe Ireland website here.