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07th Feb 2023

Brother and sister abducted in March 2022 have been found alive

Kat O'Connor

An abducted brother and sister have been found alive after they went missing in 2022.

Brooke and Adrian Gilley went missing in March 2022 but were found in Florida this month.

High Springs Police Department issued a statement after the two children were found.

They confirmed their non-custodial mother Kristi Nicole Gilley abducted them.

Police also revealed that she was using a false name.

Officers stated;

“HSPD located two abducted Missouri children and their abductor after their routine vehicle tag check indicated the vehicle owner was a fugitive.

“Officers located the trio shopping in Winn Dixie after disguising their identities. The mother gave a false name. The non-custodial mother, Kristi Nicole Gilley was detained.

“She was arrested on an active kidnapping warrant out of Clay County, Missouri.

“The children were turned over to the Floria Department of Children and Families Services.

“They will also be reunited with their family.”

“These children and their abductor were passing through the area and had no residency connection to Florida.

The children also weren’t enrolled in any schools since they went missing.

36-year-old Gilley remains in police custody.

According to CBS, their father was told the children haven’t been in school since March.

“My kids were missing. I didn’t know where they are.

“That’s the biggest fear in the world.”

“I was terrified and freaked out.”

Blake Gilley said his children were told not to speak to anyone when they went outside.

They were also forced to keep their heads down when in the car.

“Kristi would never tell them what town they were in or anything. If they were in a car, they had to keep their heads down.

The dad added, “My son still does that.”

A missing juvenile alert for the brother and sister was issued on March 15th, 2022.

Police also issued a felony kidnapping warrant for Kristi on July 13th, 2022.