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03rd Apr 2017

Shrek 5 is in ‘active development’ and we don’t know how to feel about it

Niamh Maher

He’s a lovable, disgruntled ogre… but we may be finished with him.

If we’re being completely honest a few people around the office were surprised there was a Shrek 4.

Well, there was, and it didn’t do too badly. The movie franchise has been around for well over a decade, 16 years to be exact (WHAT!) and it has a loyal following.

The first one came out in 2001, and we were OBSESSED.

Donkey was our clear favourite, but all the characters were so distinctive and well devised that it was a joy to behold from beginning to end. The second movie; JUST as entertaining, we became slightly fatigued with the third and like we said, few people remember the fourth.


Well, fans need not fear, the fifth movie is promising to return Shrek to its former glory, speaking to The Hollywood Reporter screenwriter Michael McCullers gave an update on the status of Shrek 5, saying that it’s in active development.

“It’s got a pretty big reinvention behind it that I guess I can’t really reveal, but since DreamWorks was sold to Universal in that time for over $3 billion, I imagine they’re particularly interested in it stepping up and actually figuring out the future of the franchise in that way on the corporate level”.

Shrek has been through an AWFUL over the years, so we’re hoping this ‘reinvention’ will not only step it up but maybe give him his FINAL happy ending.