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05th Apr 2014

Ship Searching For Missing Plane Detects Signal in Indian Ocean

There's been another development in the search for the missing plane.

A ship searching for the missing Malaysian Airlines plane has detected a pulse signal in the Indian Ocean according to Chinese media.

Xinhua news agency claims that the signal was discovered by vessel Haixun 01 and is the same as that emitted by black box devices.

Sources confirmed the development to Sky News but it is not yet known what is causing the signal which has a frequency of 37.5kHz per second.

Professor David Stupples told the broadcaster: “If there has been a signal received, it could be the black box or it could be something extraneous.”

Even if it is the black box from flight MH370, it could take weeks for them to locate it. However if it does turn out to be the black box, it could hold vital information regarding the fate of the plane.