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01st Apr 2023

Creator of Scrubs says a reunion movie is “inevitable”


Some good news for Scrubs lovers..

Bill Lawrence, the creator of the critically-acclaimed TV show Scrubs, has said that a reunion movie is “inevitable”.

The iconic sitcom followed the lives of trainee doctors and nurses at the Sacred Heart Hospital.

It was originally aired on the US network NBC in 2001 and moved across to ABC in 2009 but became popular worldwide.

The series ended in 2010 leaving fans devastated but now, there is a little bit of hope.

Lawrence told Variety in a recent interview: “I think it’s inevitable that a Scrubs movie happens.

“In the greatest way, the cast of that show and the writers are so good that they’re all working.

“And the main reason to do something like that isn’t the work, it’s because we actually love hanging out.

“We’re going to do it because we’re lucky enough people care. If you’re lucky enough to be able to work with the people you love, run to it.”

The Emmy award-winning TV show’s cast and crew are often spotted spending time together which fuels speculation that the movie will actually happen.

Lawrence uploaded an Instagram photo last summer of the bunch having dinner and drinks together during the ATV Television Festival.

The industry veteran commented: “Great night. Grateful for these folks. Grateful to the people who still watch. I’m drinking a candle.

“The joke of it with us is the first time that six months go by that we don’t hang out, we’ll end up doing a ‘Scrubs’ reunion.”

Fingers crossed the reunion happens because we can’t wait any longer.