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23rd Oct 2020

Schools may be forced to close today after urgent hand sanitiser recall

Niamh Maher

“Stop using the sanitiser with immediate effect”

A number of schools could be forced to closer today after a hand sanitiser was recalled due to safety concerns. All schools are being urged to check if the recalled sanitiser is the one they have in stock.

Following tests, the ViraPro Hand Sanitiser, which is widely used in schools, showed that some of the product on sale does not comply with government regulations as it contains methanol rather than ethanol.

It has been removed from the Biocidal Product Register as a a result.

The Department of Education and the Department of Agriculture issued a press release last night, in which it confirmed the product was being recalled.

Schools have been advised that they can close for the day if they’ve been impacted.

The statement says, “Members of the public are advised to stop using this sanitiser with immediate effect. A Department investigation into this matter is ongoing”, the statement also indicated that the product may not remain on the market, “The company involved has been instructed by the Department to initiate an immediate recall of all product”.

According to the statement, prolonged use of this product can result in dermatitis, headaches, eye irritation and upper respiratory system irritation.

It’s understood additional funding for sanitisers will be provided to schools affected by the recall.