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05th Jul 2023

Ryan Tubridy to appear before the Oireachtas Media Committee

“Mr. Kelly and Mr. Tubridy wish to fully cooperate”

Ryan Tubridy will appear before the Oireachtas Media Committee next week. His agent Noel Kelly has also agreed to appear before the committee.

A letter was sent from Hayes Solicitors to Niamh Smyth, Chair of the Oireachtas Media Committee.

It read:

“I am writing to you on behalf of our clients, Ryan Tubridy and Noel Kelly, in relation to your Committee’s investigation into RTE expenditure and governance issues.

“Mr. Kelly and Mr. Tubridy wish to fully cooperate and assist with your Committee in its examination of these issues and clarify a number of matters that have arisen.


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“Both Mr. Tubridy and Mr. Kelly kindly request to meet with your Committee at a suitable time next week.

“They would welcome this opportunity to set out their position on these matters.

Both Tubridy and Kelly have also agreed to answer ‘appropriate questions’ on what are clearly matters of public interest.

A “booklet of relevant documents” will also be prepared ahead of their appearance.

Earlier today, a letter from Dee Forbes to Ryan Tubridy revealed she promised him that his pay wouldn’t be cut.

Forbes also gave Tubridy a “personal guarantee” that his salary would not be cut.

RTÉ also confirmed there are actually three barter accounts and not just one.



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