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11th Nov 2016

RTÉ defends decision to have Katie Hopkins on Late Late Show

The broadcaster has received over 600 complaints about Katie Hopkins appearance.

Earlier this week controversial columnist Katie Hopkins announced on Twitter that she would be appearing the Late Late show following Trump’s win in the presidential election.

Since this was announced hundreds of people tweeted in anger about her appearance pleading with people not to watch the show.

People were also urged to write in to RTÉ expressing their upset towards the decision.

Despite almost 700 complaints sent to the broadcaster, a press statement was released in which RTÉ defended their decision.

“Donald Trump’s victory has been one of the biggest political upsets of our time,”

“Donald Trump himself expressed many controversial views during the campaign and is now President Elect.

“Katie Hopkins is one of his most vocal supporters in the UK. She’ll be giving her take on why his message resonated with American voters, and her promise to move to America in the event of a Trump victory.

“The American election and its aftermath has been and will continue to be covered extensively across of range of RTÉ’s output.”

Advance publicity for tonight’s programme described Ms Hopkins as a “Trump cheerleader”.

“Still celebrating the election of Donald Trump, controversial newspaper columnist and broadcaster Katie Hopkins joins Ryan to talk about her promise to move to America in the event of a Trump victory as well as her gloating claim that ‘Trump has crushed the leftie luvvies’,” It said.

Ryan Tubridy reportedly stated that he didn’t want her as a guest on the show.

”I didn’t personally want her on,”

”It was a team decision. Katie Hopkins does the job, she comes on and expresses an opinion that is contrary and difficult, but it starts a conversation.” He said, according to the Mirror.