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25th Mar 2019

Revolut warns customers about changes coming to the app

All because of Brexit.

The banking app, Revolut, has emailed customers to let them know some changes may come to the app in the coming months.

The email, that was sent out this morning, is asking you to upload new ID documents in the case of a hard Brexit.

“We know this is a pain,” the email began with, as it asked its customers to take a selfie or whip out their passports.

It continued: “Right now, all of our customers in Europe are tied to our UK Electronic Money License, which we have passported across the European Economic Area.”

“If a no deal outcome were to happen, we would no longer be able to passport this licence across Europe.”

The firm was initially set up with the idea that money should be boarderless, however it now fears that there may be blockages from trading in the case of the Brexit outcome.

For more information, visit here, or if you’re on the app, check your emails.