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01st Apr 2016

PICS – This Response To An Anti-Immigration Protest In The UK Is So Moving

This is so lovely

Campaigners have delivered a brilliant response to an anti-immigration protest taking place in Dover, England this Saturday by beaming the words ‘#RefugeesWelcome’ onto the famous chalk white cliffs.

The stunt was organized by Global Justice Now and “guerrilla projectionist” Feral X, and the words could be seen atop the White Cliffs of Dover, just meters from where the anti-immigration protesters will meet on Saturday.

According to Global Justice Now,  “…far right groups are coming to Dover to fan the flames of hatred and xenophobia, often generating a lot of media coverage in the process.

“But across the UK thousands of groups and communities are acting in many different ways to offer practical and personal support to refugees who have fled desperate circumstances to get here. ”

Around 500 anti-immigration and anti-refugee protesters are to gather in protest at the UK government’s intake of refugees from conflict-stricken Syria.

There will be a counter-protest to the right-wing event on Saturday, organised by various grassroots groups.

Images via Jess Hurd/Global Justice Now