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14th Dec 2020

Rally against maternity restrictions to take place outside Coombe Hospital tomorrow

Melissa Carton

“Anyone who has been through this experience knows how emotional and overwhelming the first few days can be…”

A rally will take place tomorrow at the Coombe Maternity Hospital to protest the continued exclusion of partners from full labour and post delivery wards.

The event will call on HSE and hospital management to recognise that pregnancy and childbirth is a very challenging and emotional experience for many people, and that the continued exclusion of support partners can create significant long term mental health damage.

The rally has been organised following last week’s directive by the HSE to allow partners attend 20 week scans.

This move was welcomed by many campaigners, but others have said it doesn’t go far enough.

Linda Kelly, who had her second baby during the Covid 19 pandemic said: “Women and pregnant people are having to endure the very intense and scary experience of labour without the emotional and physical support of someone close to them.

“Fathers and partners are then made to leave the hospital an hour after the birth of the baby, regardless of the emotional or physical needs of the new mother who is then left on her own for days without any family support.

“Anyone who has been through this experience knows how emotional and overwhelming the first few days can be, and the importance of having the support of your partner.”

Physiotherapist Caroline Cumming, who is pregnant with her third child, said: “The restrictions prohibiting fathers and partners from accompanying women to the full labour and banning them from post delivery visits is extremely cruel.”

The rally will take place at the Coombe Hospital in Dublin tomorrow (December 15) at 5pm.

Lord Mayor of Dublin, Hazel Chu, will be among the speakers at the rally which also includes TD Holly Cairns and Siobhan O’Donoghue, Uplift Director.


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