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16th Feb 2023

Parents of 7 children welcome miracle quintuplets

The quintuplets were born in Poland on Sunday.

A couple in Poland has welcomed miracle quintuplets. They are already parents to seven other children.

Dominika and Vince Clarke welcomed their five newborns at Krakow University Hospital in Poland.

Dominika gave birth to two boys and three girls.

She was in her 28th week of pregnancy, but her babies were safely delivered at the Polish hospital.

Doctors confirmed that the babies are all doing well despite being premature.

The quintuplets were delivered at seven months, but they’re doing well.

The babies were born via C-section. Doctors confirmed that they weighed between 1lb 9ozs and 3 lbs 1oz.

The babies were placed in incubators following the delivery. They were also given breathing support.

According to ABC, mum Dominika is overjoyed and is “feeling much better than expected”.

She said having a calm approach will help her raise her family.

She told reporters, “If you have a system, a calm approach, and a positive attitude, then it is possible to have a really cool life with such a large bunch of children.”

Dominika and Vince already have seven children aged 10 months, 4-year-old twins, and 7-year-old twins.

They also have a 10-year-old and a 12-year-old.