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07th Nov 2017

A 20-foot beached whale has been discovered on Árainn Mhór Island

We've never seen anything so big

Carl Kinsella

Photos have emerged of a 20-foot beached whale on the shores of Arranmore Island.

The whale drew the attention of the Arranmore Lifeboat crew after they noticed that birds were clustering and diving at one specific area in the water.

Nora Flanagan, Press Officer with Arranmore Lifeboats, told Highland Radio that the whale was found dead in the water on Saturday and has since washed ashore.

“Huge big whale and it’s starting to decompose so there’s quite a smell off it. We’re hoping now that the carcass will be removed.

Nora said that she assumed the whale would eventually be towed out to see and “buried” in the water, as opposed to on the island. 

Images: Arranmore Blue Ferry