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24th Aug 2016

Penneys announce they are hiring lots of winter staff in Liffey Valley shopping centre

Applicants are being advised to act quickly!

Looking for work?

Irish clothing giant Penneys have just announced that they are hiring for positions in their new store in Liffey Valley.

Apparently there will be over 280 jobs available in a range of capacities, including part-time and full-time roles.

The news was announced on the Liffey Valley Facebook page on Wednesday evening. Applicants are encouraged to act quickly, though. According to the shopping centres Facebook page, there was so much interest in the new positions that aspiring candidates momentarily crashed the site.


Penneys first opened its doors in June 1969, on Mary Street in Dublin. Its founder Arthur Ryan soon learned that he had a successful business model on his hands and saw his humble store expand at an unprecedented rate.

The news of this new store follows massive European expansion for Penneys, known overseas as Primark due to the fact that the name Penneys was already taken by American depatement store ‘JC Penney’.

Applicants are being advised to apply for positions through the website WWW.PRIMARK.COM. 

Good luck!