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21st Mar 2024

Families to get major welfare boost due to Parent Leave Benefit changes

Kat O'Connor

Parent’s Leave Benefit is set to change this year

New parents in Ireland are welcoming a major change to the Parent’s Leave Benefit scheme.

The scheme allows new parents to take seven weeks’ leave after they’ve welcomed a new baby.

However, the scheme is set to be extended to nine weeks this year.

The major change will reportedly be introduced in August.

Parents have the option to take all of the leave together or in separate periods, once it is not less than one week.

According to Citizens Information, parents are not allowed to transfer the leave to one another. However, it can be transferred in specific circumstances like when one parent passes away.

Parents must take the leave within two years of the birth or adoption of their child.

They also need to give at least six weeks notice to their employer before taking the leave.

Parents will be given an additional two weeks’ pay from this August.

They are paid €274 per week if they have enough PRSI contributions.

Parent’s Leave is paid by the Department of Social Protection and not the employer.

Your employer is not required to pay you during parental leave, but some employers will pay you or will top up your pay during this period.

You must give your employer notice in writing if you plan on taking parental leave. Giving them six weeks notice is required and you must include timings.

You need to inform them of the start date, how you plan on taking the leave, and how long it will last.