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19th May 2022

How To Murder Your Husband author on trial for murder of husband

Ellen Fitzpatrick

She is accused of the 2018 murder.

The author of the novel How To Murder Your Husband is currently on trial in the US for the murder of her husband.

Novelist Nancy Crampton Brophy is on trial in the state of Oregon after being accused of shooting her husband Daniel Brophy with a gun whose now missing barrel was bought on eBay.

Nancy was the writer behind the novel series Wrong Never Felt So Right including The Wrong Husband and The Wrong Lover.

Prosecutors say the 71 year old was struggling to pay her mortgage but had multiple life assurance policies that would pay out a total of $1.4m if her husband was to pass away.

“I do better with Dan alive financially than I do with Dan dead,” she said as she took the stand his week, The Oregonian newspaper reported.

“Where is the motivation I would ask you? An editor would laugh and say, ‘I think you need to work harder on this story, you have a big hole in it.'”

Prosecutor Shawn Overstreet said that security footage showed Nancy’s minivan outside the Oregon Culinary Institute on 2 June, 2018 at the time of her husband’s death.

Daniel worked as a chef, teaching in the culinary institute at the time he was killed and was found dead by students preparing for class. The 63 year old was shot twice.

Nancy told the court that she has no recollection of being at the school but acknowledged she must have been. She has insisted that the CCTV footage shows her in the area as she was looking for inspiration for a story.

“This is not a man I would have shot because I had a memory issue. It seems to me if I had shot him, I would know every detail,” she said.

Investigators say that the barrel from the handgun used was purchased by the suspect on eBay, but has never been recovered despite an extensive police search.

Nancy claims that she bought the pistol for her husband to protect himself when mushroom hunting in the woods, but bought the missing barrel as part of research for a novel.

The trial began in April and is currently still ongoing.