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19th Mar 2022

UK mum-of-three makes a killing on OnlyFans selling nothing but her tights

Apparently there’s nothing some people won’t buy.

The pandemic has brought financial hardship to many households, with parents forced to come up with creative ways to keep things afloat.

One mum-of-three in the UK has found an unconventional but seemingly lucrative source of income: selling her used tights.

27-year-old Lizzy Groombridge, from Camborne, Cornwall, started getting attention on TikTok for her 6ft 3″ height.

The mum was surprised to receive requests from viewers asking to buy the tights she wears in her videos during lockdown.

“I do a lot of videos relating to my height and I wear tights in them. I had people messaging me asking if they could buy them from me,” Lizzy told the Daily Mail.

“I’m reliant on myself, so I thought I’d run with the idea and see how it went.”

Now with over 730,000 followers on her account @lizzylonglegs27, the mum makes weekly trips to the shops to pick up XL tights to wear and sell.

Her tights go on OnlyFans for £45 a pair, with Lizzy claiming to make around £50,000 a year from them.

As for those who judge, she doesn’t pay attention to what they have to say. “I enjoy it and I don’t care what others think. Their opinions don’t pay my bills,” she said.

@lizzylonglegs27isn’t that the truth ?

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