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15th Apr 2018

Michael O’Leary announces free bar on Ryanair flight after Grand National win

Conor Heneghan

Well, he did cause the flight to be delayed so it was the least he could do.

It wouldn’t be stretching things to say that, as an airline, Ryanair don’t often give things away for free, but there was good reason for customers on board a flight to Dublin from Liverpool to receive a little treat on Saturday evening.

Amongst the passengers on board the flight was none other than Ryanair head honcho Michael O’Leary, who had just come from Aintree, where his horse, Tiger Roll, won the Grand National after a great ride by Davy Russell.

Celebrating victory in one of the most famous horse races in the world must have detained the victorious owner and jockey as the flight had to be briefly delayed, but as you can see below, O’Leary made it up to the waiting passengers when he did eventually make it on board.

The cynics might point out that a free bar for a flight that takes well under an hour might not have put too much of a strain on O’Leary’s considerable finances, but we’re sure the gesture was appreciated nonetheless.