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19th Dec 2017

Met Éireann release their predictions for the weather on Christmas Day

Will it be a white Christmas?

Will it be a white Christmas?

With temperatures in Ireland set to be higher than Barcelona, Athens and Rome this week, the weirdly mild turn in the weather means that any chance of snow on the big day is pretty much zero.

It will pretty much continue on that sticky path for the rest of week, which won’t really get in the way of it raining for what looks like the foreseeable future.

Which brings us to the 24th and 25th of December, and we’ll leave it to the folks at Met Eireann to ruin your day:

Christmas Eve: Continuing mild and mostly dry with outbreaks of rain later in the west and north in freshening southerly winds.

Christmas Day: Turning unsettled with a spell of rain likely and turning cooler with frost overnight.

Awh… sad face emoji.

Although, if memory serves, we had a similarly not-too-cold December last year, which led to way to one of the most baltic Januarys of all time, so…. we’ve got THAT to potentially look forward to.