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24th Sep 2014

Man Confesses To Murder After Accidentally Receiving Texts From Retail Chain Walmart

He had committed the crime 17 years earlier.


A man in the US was driven to confess to a murder he committed seventeen years earlier after receiving a series of texts from retail chain Walmart.

According to Gawker, 55-year-old Matthew Gibson became convinced that somebody had found about about the crime after he received text messages from Walmart informing ‘Anita Townshed’ that her prescriptions were ready for collection.

Gibson arrived at the conclusion that Townshed must have been the woman he had killed in 1997 and when he took delivery of a Walmart advertisement with no return name or address, he felt that someone was “toying with him” over the killing and decided to confess.

Gibson drove from North Carolina to Arizona, where he allegedly murdered the woman, and told police that he had invited her back to his trailer and later beat her to death with a flashlight when she refused to leave.

The woman’s name was Barbara Agnew and had no connection to the texts he was receiving from Walmart.