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24th Nov 2015

Lucky Escape In Dublin As Car Goes Through Shop Window In Shock Accident

No one was injured in the incident.

Megan Cassidy

A “miracle” escape in Crumlin today as everyone escaped unscathed from a shocking accident.

A 2004 Mercedes crashed through the window of a Crumlin laundrette this afternoon.

The vehicle, which had an L-plate displayed, obliterated the front door and windows of the premises, with the car coming to a stop halfway into the store.

Emergency services were called to the scene, although no one was injured in the accident.

Dublin Fire Brigade took to Twitter to report the incident, stressing the importance of safety belts.

They wrote: “Dolphin’s Barn at a car vs shop RTC in Crumlin today.

“Everyone walked away, no injuries. Seat belts prevent injuries.”

A twitter user commented underneath: “OMG how did that happen!! Miracle no one was hurt!!”