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30th Dec 2022

Leo Varadkar to tackle the housing crisis with “Covid-style” plan

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has spoken out about Ireland’s housing crisis.

He has vowed to tackle the crisis with a “Covid-style” plan.

During his second term as Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar promised to correct Ireland’s housing problem.

Speaking to reporters, Leo Varadkar said improving housing is one of his main priorities.

He said the housing crisis will be tackled with the same urgency as the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Irish Mirror reports;

“What we did during Covid, is we subordinated almost everything else, to the battle against the pandemic.

“So we closed schools, we stopped cancer screening, we stopped housing construction, or at least private housing construction, we took away people’s personal liberties.

Leo Varadkar

“That’s not what I mean, in terms of Covid-type response. What I do mean is a can-do attitude.

Varadkar also said the government can be too willing to let hurdles stop them from resolving issues.

However, he believes a “can-do attitude” will help solve the current crisis.

“I’m not willing to accept that, when it comes to housing, we need to turn the corner on housing, it is an emergency, it’s affecting people in so many different ways.

Varadkar said the housing crisis is “holding us back as a country”.

He added, “It’s causing intergenerational division that I don’t like to see.

“So, you know, it’s really going to be a case of let’s do everything unless there’s a really good reason as to why we can’t.”