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17th May 2019

Koala bears declared ‘functionally extinct’ in Australia

Rudi Kinsella

If there’s one thing that we can all agree on, it’s that koalas deserve better.

If things keep going the way that they are, the koala bear could go out the same way as the dodo, and NONE of us want that to happen.

According to Sky News, the Australian Koala Foundation’s chairman Deborah Tabart says there are no more than 80,000 koalas in the country and although this might seem like plenty, there are not enough breeding adults to support the next generation.

Tabart said that the term “Functionally extinct is a scientific term to describe the species as being beyond the point of recovery”.

She also called on Australia’s prime minister Scott Morrison to look after the koalas, saying: “The plight of the koala now falls on his shoulders.”

“I know the Australian public are concerned for the safety of koalas and are tired of seeing dead koalas on our roads.”

The cute tree-dwelling species has been ravaged by the effects of rising temperatures and heatwaves across the country, which has resulted in fatal dehydration.

Experts suggest that all it will take is one new disease to be introduced to the ecosystem to result in the complete extinction of the bear.

A week ago, Ireland became just the second country to declare a climate emergency, and this week, CO2 levels reached their highest point in human history.