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31st Aug 2014

Josie Cunningham Cancels Ticket Sales To Birth Of Her Child

Josie is currently pregnant with her third child.

Glamour model Josie Cunningham has cancelled plans to sell tickets to her baby’s birth.

Josie, who first came to public attention when she had a breast augmentation on the NHS in 2009, decided to cancel the tickets after discovering she was expecting a girl.

The 24-year-old caused outrage when she turned to smoking and drinking alcohol because she thought her unborn baby was a boy. It has been reported that she plans to change her lifestyle now she knows her baby is a girl.

Due to give birth in October, Josie told the Mirror on Sunday:  “I have been such a silly girl and have lots of regrets. I can see that now I know I am going to have a daughter.

“I’ve really started looking after myself. I have never purposely put my child at any risk, but when I was originally told I was having a boy I just lost all willpower to avoid the cravings. Now all that’s changed. I’m ashamed of the way I have portrayed myself. I’ve now cut down to just one or two fags a day. I’m about to get hypnotherapy to stop completely”.

“My two little boys will grow up, get married and start their own little family – but a daughter usually stays close to their mum for life” continued Josie.

Leeds native Josie previously told Closer magazine that she was “selling two tickets at £5,000 each and two at £10,000 which are VIP. All tickets will include travel and accommodation and the pricier ones will entitle the ticket holder to film the birth and take photos”.