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15th Sep 2018

Irish animal charity make urgent appeal for foster carers as they are ‘maxed out to capacity’

Keeley Ryan

“Saying no is not something we can do.”

An Irish animal shelter have appealed for help to sign up to be foster carers for dogs as they are “maxed out to capacity”.

Cara Rescue Dogs posted the heartbreaking plea on Facebook earlier this week.

The post began:

“With a heavy heart we write that we are no longer in a position to offer help to any more dogs in the foreseeable future due to all our foster homes being absolutely maxed out to capacity, between 30-35 of us we have over 100 dogs and pups in our care.

“We can longer, without other people stepping up to open their hearts and homes, accept any more dogs or pups in need.

“We need foster homes ASAP because saying no is not something we can do, we didn’t learn to just say no, we go out of our way to keep up with the requests from wardens around the country to help the most in need and vulnerable.

“Join us as foster carers, do it once even, save a life, become addicted, save a hundred, it doesn’t matter how many, for one single dog it means the world, the difference between life and death.”

Cara Rescue Dogs is a voluntary community group with a charitable status that aims to help dogs in need, giving them loving foster homes until they can find them a permanent home.

Their website says that since it began in 2011, Cara Rescue Dogs has re-homed more than 1,000 dogs – and that they have an average of 60 dogs and puppies in their care at any time.

While they are based in the Laois area for their centre of operation, the fostering network includes most of Leinster.

For more information on fostering a dog, you can check out details here.

Featured image is of Zebedee, one of the dogs looking for a home with Cara Rescue Dogs.