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11th Feb 2021

Ireland expected to be in some form of a lockdown until May

Not the news we wanted to hear.

Having started the year in lockdown we’ve all been counting down the days until things start to reopen and get back to normal again.

The only problem with this being that the end of lockdown seems to be ever changing, with the latest line from the government saying that it could be May before the current restrictions are lifted.

Speaking on RTÉ’s Morning Ireland, Taoiseach Micheál Martin said that he couldn’t see the country getting back to normal anytime soon.

He went on to say that while some things like schools reopening are a huge priority, there will still need to be further discussions before a decision is made on when the whole country will reopen;

“Schools are the priority and construction – a phased return to construction, particularly house-building – because we have a social crisis in terms of the availability of housing for people across all strata of society.

And, certainly, we are looking at a continuation of high levels of restrictions to the Easter period. That remains to be determined by Government; there will be further discussions.

We have to get those numbers down, we have to relieve those pressures, not just in the short term but for a sustained period, and into the long term we don’t want that situation happening again in our hospitals.”

The Taoiseach has indicated that the country may very well be in lockdown until May with no word on what kind of travel inside or outside Ireland that people can take part in.

This not so welcome news come amid reports that the government also intend to increase the fine given to those travelling without an essential reason from €500 to €2,000.

The decision to increase the fine comes as it was found that many travelers were paying the fine but still travelling outside of the country afterwards.