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11th Jan 2017

There is an incredible display of people power right now outside outside Apollo House

Amanda Cassidy

A powerful illustration of people power.

Supporters of the Homeless movement, Home Sweet Home (HSH), this afternoon linked arms in solidarity with the residents who have taken over occupation of the Dublin building.

They have defied a court order which today refused an application for an extended stay for the residents in Apollo house.

The Irish Times reports that Mr Justice Paul Gilligan refused the stay on the eviction order granted last December which came into force today at 12 pm.

He said the court could not “stand idly by and allow the trespass to continue.”

He said he did have sympathy for the aims of the HSH group, he also said he had to “apply the law in respect of private property”

This evening at the building in Dublin, hundreds gathered to link arms to show their support for the occupants.

A spokesperson for the movement said the remaining occupants of the building would not be leaving and blamed the Government and Dublin City Council for reneging on their promises to organise suitable alternative accommodation for those involved.

image via Joyce Fagan