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12th Sep 2017

Hurricane Irma’s wrath can be seen in these shocking NASA images

A lasting effect.

Orlaith Condon

The devastating effect of Hurricane Irma was captured from space.

NASA yesterday shared imagery taken from space of the Caribbean Islands after Hurricane Irma had swept through the area.

The storm made landfall in Florida on Sunday before causing serious destruction in Miami, however, yesterday Irma was downgraded to a tropical storm as it headed north.

The aftermath of the storm has left many areas completely underwater, especially islands off the coast of Florida.

That aftermath was captured in satellite imagery shared by NASA yesterday.

The shocking pictures show just how devastating the hurricane has been as it turned most of the Caribbean Islands brown.

Irma claimed the lives of 37 people on the Caribbean Islands and ten people in the US.

Over six and a half million people in Florida were told to evacuate in the face of the hurricane over the weekend, the winds that arrived there were gauged at being in excess of 150 mph.

Many are now heading back to what is left of their homes to begin the cleanup as Irma continues her path north through Georgia and into Alabama.