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27th Feb 2024

HSE issues warning over University Hospital Limerick speculation

Kat O'Connor

The HSE is urging the public to stop spreading rumours about recent deaths at University Hospital Limerick

The HSE has expressed concerns over recent rumours following multiple deaths at University Hospital Limerick.

Two young women reportedly died at the hospital in recent weeks leading some members of the public to make false claims about the hospital.

Two reviews have been launched following the deaths of one 33-year-old woman and a 16-year-old girl.

The deceased included a woman who was pregnant with her first child. She sadly passed away on Saturday, February 15th, according to reports.

An investigation into her untimely passing has been launched.

The hospital is also reviewing the case of a teenager who passed away this January. The 16-year-old teenager was treated for a respiratory infection in UHL, but was discharged after two weeks. She was readmitted to UHL’s Emergency Department on January 29th, but sadly passed away.

The investigations come after the death of Aoife Johnston. A review was launched after the 16-year-old died from sepsis in December 2022.

The HSE has addressed the concerns in a recent statement.

The HSE’s Bernard Gloster issued a statement in a bid to shut down the claims.

He stated: “We are concerned that some current commentary in relation to tragic outcomes at University Hospital Limerick is putting forward inappropriate conclusions about some of these cases, and could affect the confidence of people in attending the hospital.”

He urged the public to respect the families of the deceased during this distressing time.

“Not every tragic outcome for a family in Limerick means there has been a failure in the service. Not every tragic outcome has the same attributes as other cases in which failure has been identified.”