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26th Apr 2022

Hilarious moment Irish Rail passenger spots “collapsed man” on platform

Her heart was in the right place.

An Irish Rail passenger has been praised for alerting staff to what she thought was a person in need of medical assistance on a platform.

The concerned woman took to Twitter to inform the company that she’d spotted a man who had seemingly fainted at a ticket office – but no one was around to see.

She wrote: “Hi I’m on the train but there is a man collapsed in the Ashtown station stop ticket office!!! It doesn’t look like anyone is there to help.”

Irish Rail replied by thanking the woman for reporting the incident but informed her that everything was definitely okay.

“We have checked and a member of staff is repairing a machine and lying on the ground while doing so,” it wrote. “Thank you for your concern but everything/everyone is fine.”

Twitter users couldn’t get over the hilarious exchange. Many people praised the woman for her kindness – even if things weren’t exactly what they seemed.

“You did a good thing and should be proud of yourself for it. Well done,” one person wrote.

“Hilarious but fair play,” another said.

“It’s nice to see some kindness in the world right now,” a third added.

“Oh the embarrassment… but her heart was in the right place,” a fourth wrote.

Another person retweeted the interaction saying: “How is this website free?”

Meanwhile, others decided to share their similar mix-ups.

One user wrote: “When I was a lot younger I approached one of the members of staff at Madame Tussaud’s as I was concerned about an overweight person that appeared to have passed out.

“Turns out it was a waxwork of a sleeping, overweight, tourist.”


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