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26th Jan 2016

Google Is Donating Over 25,000 Laptops To Refugees In Germany

The company will be donating over $5 million dollars to help asylum seekers.

Ellen Tannam

Yesterday, tech behemoth Google announced that it will be donating over $5.3 million to give asylum seekers access to their Chromebook laptop range.

It will donate the money to a non-profit called NetHope in an initiative called Project Reconnect according to Wired. 

NetHope will then use the money to supply refugees with Chromebooks equipped with educational and language learning apps, to help people who have fled conflict get back on their feet.

In a blog post, director of Jacqueline Fuller described the situation typical of many individuals who have escaped conflict:

‘Ahmed is an economics student from Aleppo in Syria. Last year he was forced to leave his hometown because of the war that has forced millions of his compatriots out of their country. He left his family and his studies—everything—behind to find a better future in Europe. Now safe in Berlin, his dream is to continue his studies and eventually become a teacher at a university in Germany.’

The access to educational tools like Chromebooks will go a long way to help refugees continue their studies, and reconnect with the lives they were forced to leave behind.

Lead Image via Wired