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25th Jan 2018

We’ll officially be able to drink in pubs on Good Friday

Legislation allowing pubs to open and serve alcohol on Good Friday has been passed.

The Dáil introduced the amended Intoxicating liquor Act this afternoon lifting the ban on the sale of alcohol on Good Friday.

For the past 90 years, only those who happen to be on a train, on a boat, in the theatre, or staying in a hotel in Ireland have been able to buy alcohol on this day.

Minister of State David Stanton said that the amended bill will be a positive for tourism in Ireland.

He said:

“Tourism makes a much greater contribution to our economy and this is particularly true during holidays, such as the busy Easter period.

“In addition changing demographics and increasing diversity in our population have led to a reduction in traditional religious practice.

“Taking all these factors into consideration the Government considered that it was an opportune time to have an examination of the Good Friday restrictions.”

The bill will now go before President Michael D Higgins where it will be signed into law.

Good Friday falls on March 30 this year.