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08th Oct 2018

Get ready! Reports say Ireland is going to be hit by an intense storm on Friday

Cathy Donohue

intense storm

An intense storm is headed this way.

Storm Ophelia hit Ireland in October of last year and if reports are to be believed, it looks like another storm is on the way this weekend.

According to reports, Storm Callum is on track to hit Ireland this Friday and if this does materialise, it could be a “serious weather event”.

Alan O’Reilly of Carlow Weather regularly shares updates on Irish weather forecasts and this morning, he shared predictions of a storm likely to land on Thursday night, continuing into Friday.

He wrote:

“Overnight charts continue to show a serious storm Thursday night into Friday with damaging gusts. Some charts continue to show gusts of over 130kmh on the West coast and over 110kmh widely”.

Alan also shared an update on Instagram explaining that the expected “intense storm” would cause damaging gusts across Ireland with some western areas expecting gusts of up to 150kmh.

He also said that while it is too early to say exactly what will happen, most models are in agreement right now and that while he doesn’t like to hype predictions too far in advance, this could be a “serious weather event”.

In the meantime, there is a high rainfall warning in place for Donegal, Mayo and Sligo, more on that here.